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K.A Rasmussen has over 40 years of experience as manufacturer of silver catalysts used for the production of formaldehyde (CH2O) by catalytic partial oxidation of methanol.
Formaldehyde is the precursor to many resins and adhesives for a variety of products in building and construction, automotive, wood production, conservation and disinfectants.
Our catalyst product is preferred by a number of dominant formaldehyde producers because of its high quality as well as other advantages, and exported worldwide.


Our silver catalyst is characterized by:

  • High purity   –   Easy to ignite the process
  • High specific surface   –   High performance, selectivity and yield
  • Low bulk density   –   Low pressure drop, better process control

We supply a wide range of fractions which make it easy for you to tailor-make a catalyst bed optimized for your reactor.

We are the only supply of the Karnet® that has been proven as a very beneficial when replacing the traditional copper-net as carrier.


Benefits of using KAR silver catalyst and Karnet:

  • Large surface area provides high process yield
  • Faster ignition
  • Low amount of silver installed
  • We can advise on process optimization
  • We can offer process diagnosis
  • We offer customer a metal account system
  • We present laboratory analyzes on received used silver
  • We can advise on how to build up a catalyst bed with Karnet and silver crystals
  • Full recycling and refining
  • Start-up assistance, training
  • Replacing bottom copper net with Karnet will give you:
    • Less cracking of silver bed
    • Better control of methanol consumption
    • Karnet tolerate higher temperatures than copper net
    • Karnet does not alloy itself into the silver
    • Karnet is inert to the chemical reaction
    • Much easier to collect used silver from Karnet
    • Karnet can be used many times
    • The thermal expansion of Karnet is 30% less than copper

Our list of clients encompasses countries in most of the world, in Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America.


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