About K.A.Rasmussen a.s 


K.A.Rasmussen is an international company with headquarter and manufacturing in Hamar. K.A.Rasmussen produces and sells various types of products and services relating to precious metals.



The group has two divisions:

  • The manufacturing division produces and sells semi-finished products for industrial use and for jewelry and silver cutlery production, as well as industrial catalysts for production of formaldehyde and fertilizer, and precious metal based dental alloys. K.A Rasmussen operates the largest refinery of precious metals in Scandinavia. In addition, produced small bullion bars and imported bullion coins are sold for investment purpose.
  • The Consumer Goods division is working with the cutlery in steel and silver as well as related gift items.

The Group has manufacturing plants in Hamar, Norway, and in Eskilstuna, Sweden. The Group has sales offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Belgium, Poland and Latvia.

Yara International is our main customer for platinum-based catalyst products. We have a 80 years long relationship with Yara International (Norsk Hydro), which we are very proud of.

The Industrial division has experienced strong growth in 2011, while consumer goods division operations have stabilized after several years of declining sales.


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