Research and development

Demand, quality and customization

Our Department for Research and Development (R & D) works on improvement and development of products and processes together with our customers. The department’s role is to develope, improve and adapt the product to our customers.

Industry Contacts
Our R & D department is available to all our customers. We can help you with specific questions and issues regarding processes and products. Our resources that can help you to meet your requirements.

Analysis Laboratory
Our analytical laboratory analyzing precious metal content, alloy composition, purity, includes methods as ICP, AAS, Leco, titration, cupellation and physical metallurgical datas as hardness, tensile strength and microscopy. Other analytical methods such as Scanning Electron Microscope is performed with a partner. Certificates of analysis can be formulated and include requested items according to customer request.

Ingen miljøgifter på avveie
Som medlem av RENAS, landets ledende EE-returselskap, tar vi ansvar for våre produkter også etter endt levetid.